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Development Tools

Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is a collection of software elements that facilitate the development of an Android application. It was developed by Google in 2018 and contains libraries, tools, and other development subsets.

Android Studio

Developed on JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA, Android studio is an official Integrated Development Environment that provides a centralized environment to build applications for Android platforms.

Android SDK

Android SDK or “software development kit” is a set of programming tools that help in the development of Android applications. Android SDK includes tolls like Debugger, emulator, Sample source code, etc.

API File

API refers to Application Programming Interface that allows two or more computer systems to connect and communicate with each other. It is a combination of programming instructions that are used to access different web tools or databases.


XMF is the acronym of Extensible Markup Language which was created mainly to store and transfer data virtually. XML contains a set of codes that encodes data and documents that is readable by machine as well as people.


Java is one of the most popular computer programing languages that are being used currently. First developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995, this language is an object-oriented language used to develop different applications.


Kotlin is another well-known programing language that is used to develop android operating system-based applications. This language was designed to fully integrate with JAVA or JVM and help in developing Android applications.

Butter Knife
Butter Knife

Butterknife is a view binding tool used in Android. It is used to generate boilerplate code by using annotations.

SQ Lite

SQ Lite is a type of RDBMS (relational database management system) that is contained in the C library. It is an open-source database that records and stores data on the device.

Shared Perfere- nce

Shared preference is a method of storing data in an Android device. It enables the user to store primitive data of small sizes as key/value pairs in a file on the smart device.


Serialization is the process of converting the state of any object into a byte stream. After converting it into a byte stream the data can be stored into databases or can also be transferred over a network.

Recycler View

RecyclerView is an advanced version of GridView and ListView. This widget is a ViewGroup that includes the views corresponding to your data.


A Listener is a tool that is used to connect, interpret, or “listen” to an event created by the user. It is designed to process any event created in relation to it and respond accordingly.

Model Classes

Model classes act as a vessel that allows to store send, receive, and maintain data. This tool is generally used to model data with an application.

Manifest Permission

Manifest permission is a file that includes all the important and general information about the Android application. Manifest permission also helps the application to connect with other applications and access the data.

Image Picker

Image picker is a tool that allows the user to access the system’s interface and enables him/her to select images and videos from the device’s library. It can also allow using the camera of the device to click new photos.

Getter & Setter Method

The Getter and setter method is used to return and modify the data. The setter method is used to update the values and the getter method is used to return the values. Getter and setter methods can be used to protect the data while generating classes.

In House Modules

Aside from all these development tools and languages, we also have a fleet of more than 1000 in-house modules that we have created with years of work experience.

Our Approch

Appther Technologies strives to deliver advanced mobility solutions to all our clients. Android application development requires a great deal of expertise and experience, and our organization is more than capable to deal with all your app requirements. We aim to blend the qualities of advanced developing tools with the years of experience that we have, and produce an outstanding final product capable to revolutionize the industry.After ensuring the quality of the application, the next thing we focus on is the time of the delivery. With years of experience in developing applications, we have created numerous in-house modules that can be used to curate an application quickly thus leading to quicker delivery of the application.

In house pre-built modules

Curating a mobile application is a long process and the entire process from planning to delivery can take as long as a year if not more. This long duration can hamper your organization’s growth as other competitors might lunch their applications first, resulting in the loss of that competitive edge. Well, at Appther Technologies, you don’t have to worry about the long time-consuming development process. As we are involved in this game for many years, our organization has created more than 1000 in-house modules.These modules contain several pre-written codes that target different features in an application. These models can make up to 70% of the applications development and the rest we create during the development phase. This method gigantically reduces the coding time of the application and allows us to launch the app into the market at a much shorter time compared to the other app development firms.


As we stated before, because of our numerous in-house modules, we can compress the development process greatly. Where most of the companies might take more than a year to complete and deliver an Android application, Appther Technologies on the other hand commits to deliver the application within a 3 to 6 months period.

This reduced time and quick launch of the product will ensure a competitive edge over your rivals and will allow you to tap the market earlier than any other organization.




With next-gen technologies, we bring Mobile app development to SMEs, startups, and industry giants with the vision to digitize experiences. Get ready for state-of- the art mobility solutions at your fingertips.

app-store play-store

With next-gen technologies, we bring Mobile app development to SMEs, startups, and industry giants with the vision to digitize experiences. Get ready for state-of- the art mobility solutions at your fingertips.

app-store play-store


Will you provide updates on the existing application?

Of course, we provide a full or partial modification of any pre-existing application that the client may have. We are equipped to edit out all the bugs and errors lurking in an existing application and integrate new and robust features.

What kind of team do I need for Android app development?

A well-versed and experienced team is required to build a well-coded Android application. Developing an application is a complicated task and good experience and deep knowledge about different concerts is essential for creating a successful app.

Mentioned below are the team members that are required to assemble a scalable and successful application.

  1. Project manager
  2. Developers such as Android developers and java programmers
  3. UI/UX designers for an interactive interface
  4. Quality testers

Will I be getting any support after project completion?

At Appther, we are famous for offering full-cycle development of applications, and maintenance is a huge part of this process. From planning to deployment to maintenance, we are prepared to deliver every service including tech support after project delivery.

Do you sign NDAs to keep Android app ideas confidential?

We do. to ensure the privacy and security of your concepts and ideas, we sign NDAs to establish trust and reliability in the process. In fact, Signing NDA is mandatory for Appther Technologies if the client wishes to work with us.

Will I get free tech support after submitting on the play store?

Yes, Appther Technology commits to deliver exceptional after-sales services to their clients including updating, modification, and issues handling for the developed application.

What are the tools we use to develop Android applications?

To build an Android application, we use a fleet of different development tools to make the app robust and full of diverse features. Java, Android Studio, Listener, Kotlin, and Room DB are some of the tools that we have expertise in. You can also see a detailed list above in your development tools section.

How much does developing an Android application cost?

Similar to the time required, the pricing and budget of developing an Android application also depend upon the nature of the application. App development can require a chunk of your financial resources. So, it is essential to map out the budget you wish to spend on your application.

In general, developing an Android application can cost from $35,000 to $60,000.

Which is better? freelancing or outsource to development agencies?

If you are looking to develop an application, there are two methods that you can adopt to achieve that goal. The first is to hire a freelancer that will develop the application for you and another is outsourcing the job to a mobile app development agency.

While going with a freelancer looks like a choice but it certainly comes with huge limitations that can destroy the integrity and efficiency of your application. Here are some of the problems that you can encounter while working with freelancers.

  1. Lack of transparency
  2. Lack of reliability
  3. Offers lack of experience and other resources
  4. Without an experienced team of professionals, it is next to impossible to create an efficient mobile application

Outsourcing the job to app development companies, on the other hand, offers various opportunities and benefits to the application and its development process. Development companies possess generous qualities that can sidestep these above-mentioned roadblocks and give you a smooth and sleek mobile application.

Our Client Say

The PetPorter mobile application has been an enormous catalyst for making my business reach new heights. Appther Technologies has done an impressive job of delivering a high-performing application with the least possible chances of error. The product was delivered under the agreed-upon deadline and the entire process has been smooth and transparent.

Mohamad Lith Gibhe

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With next-gen technologies, we bring Mobile app development to SMEs, startups, and industry giants with the vision.

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