ERP Development Services

We provide state-of-the-art industry-centric ERP development services that streamline business operations and allow a seamless work experience.

ERP Development Services


Managing different assets and resources can be a tough cookie to crack, even for startups and SMEs. Handling business-related issues, for instance, accounting, supply chain, risk management, can be overwhelming and may not be handled by human intervention. Hence, to handle such demanding operations, turning to technology and digital applications is the only viable choice. ERP helps to Integrate and automate numerous financial and operational functions and provide insights through data analysis for better decision making. Know how ERP is the tool for better management and cohesive operation and how Appther can help you in this process.

Why ERP is necessary for business?

Before diving into ERP, its needs, and all of its components. First, you need to know what ERP is. ERP refers to Enterprise resources planning. It is a system designed to facilitate and automate the majority of the operations conducted within an organization. Finance, Sales, HR, Manufacturing, CRM, production, and more, ERP software includes features that can manage core business functions.

ERP software help businesses manage and integrate their operations on a single platform. It facilitates the information flow within an organization and allows the management to make more data-driven decisions.

ERP for manufacturing company

Manufacturing companies use ERP softwares to streamline and digitize core business and manufacturing operations. Manufacturing ERPs are specific to delivering solutions and features exclusively for manufacturing organizations.

ERP for the manufacturing sector unites all elements of the organization such as production, supply, monitoring, and sales. It enables businesses to function without hiccups by maintaining a single database.

Manufacturing ERP provides features specific to the manufacturing industry and can be used by every company regardless of its size.


Features of ERP

Features of ERP Development Services

• Sales

ERP helps in promoting and streamlining the sales process of a company. It plays a big role in sales cycle steps such as easy communication for inquiries of orders, dispatching, scheduling, and much more. The sales and Marketing department may benefit from these abilities and drive in more leads, quickly create and perform campaigns and track customer activity through the sales cycle.

• Purchase

ERP digitizes the entire operations of an organization, including purchasing. Creating tracking numbers, order placing, checking inventory, making a purchase history, coordinating with suppliers. ERP provides a unified platform to conduct all these operations digitally and ensures productivity and growth.

• Finance

Financial management has to track financial data from all departments and use it to make future decisions for funds allocation, future planning, and to make the best use of funds. It is a critical part of any organization that cannot go unattended. ERP systems support the finance team to keep a better track and record of purchases.

• Human Resources

ERP has simplified the roles of HR as well, ERP for Human resource works as an end-to-end employee management platform. ERP integrates complex HR operations such as payroll, tax deductions, benefits, etc. It also automates the hiring and employee management process.

• Storage

ERP enables better storage efficiency and optimal use of resources, time, and manpower. ERP allows proper tracking and management of material stored in the warehouse and ensures better management and regular shipment of material.

• Invoicing

ERP also offers huge advantages in terms of invoicing. It provides automated invoice mailing to the distributor when the shipment is delivered. ERP ensures data reconciliation with a precise accuracy with minimal chances of errors. Plus, it helps in maintaining and tracking invoices in real-time.

• Quality Control

Better quality management and proper testing are achievable through ERP. It provides adequate inspection at the inventory as well as manufacturing level. Supervisors can commence quality inspections and raise alerts directly from their work center control panel. ERP also can help you in keeping a record of reports and data of a specific inspection campaign.

• Role-based user management

ERP also offers huge advantages in terms of invoicing. It provides automated invoice mailing to the distributor when the shipment is delivered. ERP ensures data reconciliation with a precise accuracy with minimal chances of errors. Plus, it helps in maintaining and tracking invoices in real-time.

When you should use custom ERP instead of SAP ?

SAP is one of the market leaders that provides ERP software solutions for different organization sizes. However, in some cases, using SAP is not the most logical choice for an ERP solution.

SAP is a choice for companies with generic requirements but for organizations operating on a niche market, the situation is a little different. Custom ERP is a better choice when the organization requires features that are specific to your business and its operation. Custom ERP provides a certain level of flexibility to the organization. Furthermore, custom ERP softwares cheaper than SAP as you do not have to spend money on features that are not usable for your organization.

Our Pre-built ERP for business

Appther Technologies is well equipped to handle any ERP requirement that a client may need. We are well versed in ERP development and our fleet of experienced developers is ready to encounter any complexity that your business might need. Mentioned below are some of the types of ERP softwares that we have specialized in.

Custom ERP

As we stated before, custom ERPs are the ERP softwares that are designed specifically to cater to the needs of a specific organization. Appther Technologies possess vast experience in developing custom ERP softwares and our portfolio of ABsugars and Wave distillery is a testament to it.

  • Provides features specific to business-type
  • A cost-efficient choice
  • Ideal for business with a niche market.
  • Offer a great deal of flexibility and modification

Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP is also an enterprise resource planning software that is used by a business firm for the management of business operations. Odoo is open-source software and is considered to be one of the leading ERP software existing in the market.

  • It is open-source software with no licensing fee.
  • Odoo ERP is customizable according to the needs of the business
  • It is an easy to use software that allows quick integration
  • Odoo ERP ensures complete privacy and security of the data
Cost of developing an ERP software
Cost of developing an ERP software

ERP softwares can work wonders for your business and lead your company towards better productivity and substantial growth. ERP softwares are more like an investment rather than an expenditure that will show their gains in the long run.

The cost of developing an ERP is vastly dependent upon the complexity of the software that the firm requires and the features that the software will include. Keeping the requirements and features at a neutral level, ERP softwares can take around 10 to 40 lakh rupees in making costs from conceptualization to delivery.


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What are ERP and ERP development?

ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software that manages all the core activities within an organization. Whereas, ERP development is the process of creating ERP softwares through various development tools and languages. To put it simply, ERP is the product and ERP development is the process of developing the product.

What are the pros of using ERP softwares?

1. ERP is software specially designed to optimize the workflow and operation of an organization in the most effective way possible.

2. ERP provides the automation of the entire organization and its operations. It makes day-to-day business operations easier to manage.

3. ERP provides secured and protected backup options to businesses. The data can be easily recovered in case of any mishappening.

How long does an ERP software take to develop?

An ERP software can take 3 to 4 months to reach the stage of delivery. However, this number can be fluctuated by the nature, purpose, and size of the software.

Can ERP help in business growth?

Yes, ERP softwares are designed to facilitate the smooth and optimal operation of the business. It has the ability to streamline many essential components such as sales, finance, and customer support that eventually leads to better sales, revenue generation, and growth.

What is the process of ERP development?

ERP softwares go through specific development stages to ensure quality and timely delivery of the product.

  • Idea conceptualization
  • Wireframing
  • Identifying the tech stack
  • Preparing UI/UX of the software
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Quality assurance

What are the key features of ERP software?

Every ERP software contains a different set of features according to the organization’s needs. It needs to be dynamic to cope with the ever-changing environment. However, some features are a must-have in every ERP software.

  • Digitization
  • Data analysis
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Financial management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

Our Client Say

Appther has provided a great application that has a great potential for reaching great heights. The organization was committed to delivering a high-quality product with full transparency. The developing process was smooth and the staff was helpful and cooperative when I had any doubt or faced any problem with the application.

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