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Accelerate your production and monitor your entire production ecosystem from top to bottom with our carefully engineered sugarcane factory management softwares.

What is sugarcane ERP (cane factory operating system)

Sugarcane ERP is an ERP system exclusively designed for sugarcane factories. These ERPs manage and monitor all the operations and activities that occur in a sugarcane factory.

With the sugar business becoming increasingly complex and cutthroat due to increased competition, our system is a solution for happier farmers, ensuring increased profits, quality, transparency, and traceability. Our sugarcane ERP software allows factories to manage the quality, consistency, adequate, and on-time supply of sugar and the raw material that it needs to be processed. It also manages and monitors all aspects of the cultivation process.

What are the specifications of sugarcane factory operating systems?

Benefits of ERP systems for sugarcane factories

Why Appther is the best choice for sugarcane ERP softwares

Appther Technologies has been a leading name for ERP solutions for sugarcane manufacturing businesses. Our in-depth knowledge of ERP and all of its subsets allows us to create software that can possess excelling capabilities and deliver you a new and improvised way of managing all your organization’s operations.

Our cane management system empowers sugar factories to plan, manage and anticipate their business operations in an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace. From managing human resources, providing detailed reports of crop yield, procurement of raw material, and supply of final product, our sugarcane factory operating systems are capable of doing it all.

Moules of sugarcane factory operating systems




Human Resources





Procure ment

Technologies that we use

Oracle 10g + form 6i

Oracle 10g and form 6i act as two combined forces that are used to create a Sugarcane management system. Oracle 10g is a database by oracle, and form 6i delivers the front-end view for the software.

Open source + oracle DB

Open source refers to the free-to-use programming languages that are used to create apps and web softwares, whereas Oracle DB is an advanced version of the Oracle 10g database for backend use.

Complete open source

For clients on a tight budget, we also offer the option to develop sugarcane softwares via complete open source tools. We use the Pessgress database for the backend computation and Laravel programming for the user side view and deliver a robust cost efficient Sugarcane software.


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Case Study


Is it necessary to purchase ERP software for the sugar business?

Sugar processing is a complex process that needs to be carried out throughout the year. Given the cultivation of sugarcane is seasonal, it is important to plan and maintain an adequate supply of raw material. Sugarcane ERP softwares helps the management to plan, manage and monitor these activities efficiently. It also allows you to manage all other tasks that sugar businesses contain, involving sales, finance, purchase, and much more.

What is the cost of making an ERP for the sugarcane industry?

Developing software can be expensive, and the development cost varies depending upon the needs of the client and business. However, if we have to give an estimate, the cost for developing such softwares will go from XXX to XXX.

Why is having a sugarcane management system essential for sugarcane factories?

Since sugarcane factories are constantly functioning and require a lot of resources to operate, it can get difficult to manage all these operations manually. Hence, sugarcane management softwares are important in the sugar processing industry. It effectively manages and records all of the activities within a sugarcane factory without any human intervention.

How long does it take to create a customized ERP for the sugarcane business?

We push the app idea through different stages of the development lifecycle process to facilitate a high-quality and robust end product for our client. From idea generation to delivery, sugarcane ERPs can take from XX to XX months to develop properly.

Can you convert my Oracle 10g database to Oracle DB?

Surely, we provide software development from scratch as well as provide modification of your existing sugarcane factory management system which includes upgrading your Oracle 10g database to a more advanced Oracle DB.

Do I get hardware support for my management system?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of skilled professionals that can cater to all the necessary hardware equipment and assembly for a smooth and sleek operation. Furthermore, all of the services (hardware and software) are included in the quote that we provide. So, you do not have to spend and access the amount for hardware solutions.

Do you provide cloud or on-premises database storage?

At Appther, you will get to choose from both of the database storage methods according to your convenience. We provide cloud storage and backup and also specialize in establishing an on-premises server farm. Clients can choose their preferences according to their needs and wants.

Do you provide annual system maintenance?

Yes, we offer annual maintenance of our sugarcane management softwares. Like any other asset or tool, softwares also requires maintenance, and here at Appther, we know how beneficial regular maintenance can be. Hence, we provide annual maintenance of all our software and hardware solutions.

How much time do you take to solve issues and errors when the software is live?

Our advanced and carefully engineered software does not invite the chance of any malfunction or errors. We follow an extensive testing stage and thoroughly test the software for a seamless experience, pushing the risk of issues to a minimum.

Nonetheless, we commit to solving any bug or issue within 24 hours. Although, if the issue is of high priority, then we will deliver you the solution within a couple of hours, either remotely or onsite.

Do you provide data migration of previous software?

Yes, if the client is upgrading or changing its sugarcane management system, we will provide complete data migration from the existing software to the new one.

Our Client Say

Appther has provided a great application that has a great potential for reaching great heights. The organization was committed to delivering a high-quality product with full transparency. The developing process was smooth and the staff was helpful and cooperative when I had any doubt or faced any problem with the application.

Mohamad Lith Gibhe

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