Distillery software development

We can provide specialized solutions for your brewery business that will optimize your operations, revenue, and growth.

Distillery software development


With a phenomenal rise in information and communication technology in recent years, it too has become critical for companies to adopt digital solutions for their businesses. By digitizing their operations, companies can provide services that meet the evolving demands of their customers and also make the management of the organization better.

Handling a pool of assets and resources in a distillery can be a lot harder than it sounds. Moreover, managing day-to-day issues such as accounting, risk management, and supply chain can be a lot overwhelming and requires an army of personnel, making these operations costly, time-consuming, and more prone to errors.

So, harnessing the potentials of IT technology and digital applications is the only viable choice to handle such demanding operations and fight the cutthroat competition. Appther Technologies is a leading company specializing in distillery software development and many more. Let's see how distillery softwares is changing the brewery game and how Appther can help you in automating your operations too.


Distillery software supports and streamlines the sales process of a brewery. It plays a vital role in the sales cycle. Quick inquiries of orders, scheduling, and dispatching are some of the functions that this softwares are equipped to do. The sales department benefits from these abilities by generating more leads, quickly creating and performing campaigns, and monitoring customer activity by analyzing the sales cycle.


Distillery softwares also streamlines the purchasing process of any brewery with minimal hassle. It creates instant tracking numbers for orders, provides automatic order placing, monitors inventory stock, and generates purchase history. Distillery softwares offer a central platform to perform all these activities digitally and secure productivity and growth.

Human Resources
Human Resources

Maintaining personnel and workforce is also a big part of distillery software. Distillery software contains a module that acts as an end-to-end employee management platform. The system combines complex HR actions such as tax deductions, payroll, leaves, and so on. It also simplifies and digitizes the hiring and employee management process.


Financial management must track financial data from all departments and use it to form predictive decisions for funds allocation, future planning and to create the most effective use of funds. It is a critical part of any organization that can not go unattended. ERP systems support the finance team to stay on a higher track and keep a better record of the company’s finances.

Role-based user management
Role-based user management

Role-based user management is another feature offered by distillery softwares. It allows the management to maintain control over each user’s role and access to the application as per his/her function in the corporation. This feature helps in maintaining confidentiality and security of any sensitive data that the organization wants to protect.

Quality assurance

Distillery softwares also provides better quality management and proper testing of your product. It ensures proper inspection at the inventory and manufacturing levels and secures quality inspections by supervisors. Supervisors can then raise alerts directly from their work center control panel and perform immediate actions for the problem.

Quality assurance

Distillery softwares also offers huge advantages in terms of invoicing and bill generation. It provides automated invoice mailing to all the distributors after the shipment is delivered and also ensures data reconciliation with accuracy with minimal chances of errors. Plus, it helps in maintaining and tracking invoices in real-time.

The cost of developing a distillery software

cost of developing a distillery software

Distillery software is more of an investment instead of an expenditure that will show its gains in the future.

The cost of developing a distillery software greatly relies upon the complexity of the software and features that the software will carry. Keeping the wants and features in mind, distillery softwares can take around 20 to 25 lakh rupees in making costs, all the way from conceptualization to delivery.

However, Appther offers a 30% discount to our new clients on the final cost of development.

Development Tools



Oracle is a relational database management system that is used by companies of all sizes to manage, process, and store the data of an organization. The database uses memory structures and processes to maintain and access the database.

Linux + Oracle

Linux + Oracle

Linux + Oracle is an open-source Linux distribution packaged and distributed by Oracle corporation. It provides a complete operating environment that helps accelerate digital transformation.



An open-source software (OSS) refers to software that is available to the general public without any cost. These softwares are released under a license that allows any outside user to access, manipulate, and study the source code without any restriction.


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What is distillery software?

Distillery softwares are a type of ERP software specially designed for companies involved in the alcohol brewery business. This software contains specific features that are useful in the brewery business.

Can distillery softwares help in business growth?

Yes, distillery softwares are specially created to expedite the smooth and optimal operation of an organization. It can streamline many vital components of business operations such as finance, sales, and human resource management, eventually leading to improved sales numbers, better revenue generation, and growth.

What is the process of distillery softwares development?

We push these softwares through specified development stages that safeguard the quality and timely delivery of the application. Mentioned below is the process of development for distillery softwares.

  • Idea generation
  • Wireframing
  • Identifying the technology stack
  • Developing UI/UX of the software
  • App Development
  • Testing
  • Quality assurance

How long does a distillery software take to develop?

Building a distillery software can take 1 to 2 months to reach the delivery stage. Every enterprise and different requirements, hence, the number may differ because of the nature, purpose, and size of the software.

Is it necessary to purchase ERP software for the sugar business?

Distillery business is complex and involves a lot of different operations happening simultaneously. Hence, although it is not carved in stone that you have to have distillery software for your brewery, it can be a good tool for the company and is greatly advisable by the masses.

Our Client Say

Appther has provided us with an excelling ERP software that caters to every of Wave Distillery. It has automized our operations, and we have seen significant results because of it. The developing process was smooth, simple, and transparent. We are delighted to work with Appther Technologies.

Mohamad Lith Gibhe

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