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Dating Resolution

In the old days, meeting people through a screen was something of a science-fiction concept. In the 60s, people used to find their significant other while having a drink in a bar or coffee house. However, when technology started to take a boom, we all witnessed the growth of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble simultaneously.

The dating game is now virtual, and this offers a big opportunity for businesses to reap its benefits and earn substantial revenue through them.


There is no shortage of dating apps in the market and the number is constantly increasing. Applications such as tinder and bumble have had a monopoly in the dating app game because of their early entry and brand name. It makes it a little difficult for a new application to succeed. However, even with so many different dating apps present in the market, there is still a need for niche community-specific dating apps.


The competitions for dating applications are tough, but by segregating your app for niche and industry-specific demographics, you can enter a market that has not been tapped yet by the big giants. It will ensure your early entry into the market and will lead to various growth opportunities.

Can you compete with Tinder/Bumble/Happn?

Frankly speaking, Tinder, Bumble, and Happn are the market leaders of dating applications and thus, have control over the trends and engagement. Not to mention the gigantic financial they are operating with. However, all hopes are not lost to startups, and SMEs can tackle the niche market of dating applications and can generate good revenue.

Dating app for a niche community

For Doctors

A doctor's profession is a 24-hour job. It means that there is no time for them to get out there and find “the one” for themselves. Moreover, a doctor can connect with a fellow doctor better and can relate with each other more.

Hence, a dating app dedicated to doctors and medical professionals can allow the users to get on a single platform and connect with other medical professionals easily.

For students

Dating applications for students is also a niche market that exudes promising possibilities for startups.

There is a need for dating apps specially designed for students pursuing their education, and companies can benefit from this niche community.

For software developers

Software developers can also benefit from a community-specific dating app greatly. Application development is a hectic job and connecting with people other than their field can be a little hard.

So, dating apps specifically created for software developers can allow them to connect with other developers and start their dating journey.

Our expertise in dating app development

Appther has a diversified portfolio of different applications that we have developed. We are well experienced in creating dating applications that offer paradigm-shifting results. Our previously created dating applications are becoming fast-growing applications with new users joining every day. So, If you also wish to get your dating application to enter the market, Appther Technologies is the company for you.

Technology Stack



Swift is a relatively new programming language developed by Apple. It automatically means that it develops applications for Apple-based operating platforms like IOS, macOS, WatchOS, etc. Swift language is less complicated and thus is loved by many programmers new as well as experienced.


Xcode is a combined development environment for Apple operating systems like macOS. Xcode offers tools to handle the complete development workflow, from creating an app to testing, optimizing, and ultimately submitting it to the App Store.



Java is one of the most popular computer programming languages that are being used currently. First developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995, this language is an object-oriented language used to develop different applications.


Kotlin is another well-known programming language that is used to develop android operating system-based applications. This language was designed to fully integrate with JAVA or JVM and help in developing Android applications.

Android Studio

Developed on JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA, Android studio is an official Integrated Development Environment that provides a centralized environment to build applications for Android platforms.


Node.js is an open-source cross-platform environment that runs on the JavaScript V8 Engine. It was created by Ryan Dahl in 2009. This JavaScript runtime environment is used for developing server-side and networking applications.


JavaScript is a well-known and widely used programming language used to create websites and mobile applications. This text-based language can work on both client-side as well as server-side programming.


The word HTML is an acronym for Hypertext markup language that is a key ingredient to creating a website. The HTML code describes the structure of the webpage and all the content that it contains.


MongoDB is an open-source cross-platform NoSQL database management program that is used to manage document-oriented information or store or retrieve data.


Laravel is a free-to-use web framework used to develop websites or web apps in a PHP environment. It provides all tools and resources required to develop an advanced PHP application.

Features of dating applications

Since dating applications have complicated functionality, these apps demand essential features to offer the best matches and a satisfactory experience. Some of these essential features are mentioned below.

  1. Integration with social media platforms
  2. Location-based searching
  3. Optimal matching algorithm
  4. Personalized profile settings
  5. Push notifications
  6. Access to private chats and video calling feature

Cost of making dating apps

Building your dating application is not an easy task. Most people will try to hire their in-house developing team for application development. However, it might not be the most sensible option as it requires a ton of financial and other resources.

The most effective method is to outsource the job to an application development company that is well equipped to deal with such challenges.

A general dating application can require from $40,000 up to $60,000.

Dating app monetization

There are certain ways that a dating application can make good money. Here are some methods below.

  • Offering premium services

Providing the chance of some exclusive features to the customers is the key component in any dating application. Advanced features like unlimited likes/swipes, boosting profiles, and access to missed profiles are the few benefits that the user can get access to if he/she subscribes to the premium version of the dating application.

Purchasing these features directly results in an increase in revenue and profits of the organization.

  • In-app purchases

In-app purchases refer to specific features that the application offers to users to purchase and use. These specific features include access to Gifs, emojis, and other graphic options that help in conversations. In-app purchases also include many one-time or limited paid features that help in increasing the engagement of the user’s profile.

These features include one-time profile boosting or additional likes/swipes for the user. These purchases also offer virtual gifts and presents that users can send to each other with a one-time purchase.

Besides one-time purchases, dating applications also generate revenue by charging a one-time fee to download the application and access its services.

  • Advertisements

One of the best ways to increase revenue for a dating app or any other app for that matter is through ads and brand sponsorship deals. Many users all across the globe are spending a majority of their time on dating applications, hence several organizations are targeting this audience to promote their brand and products. Hence, showing advertisements can be a great chance to earn revenue from such ads.

Our approach

We set out to create dating applications after careful discussion and brainstorming sessions with the client. We efficiently push the product through the entire app development lifecycle and speed up the development with our 1000+ pre-built libraries. We focus on delivering exceeding applications that are the epitome of friendly user interaction and provide optimal performance efficiency.

Project timeline

The process of creating a dating app is complex and time-consuming. We at Appther inherit a brief timeline to ensure the smooth operation of the application.

We channel the product through various development phases and ensure its timely delivery. A basic dating application can take from 3 to 6 months to deliver.

Clients Testimonials


What kind of team is required for dating app development?

For developing a smooth and sleek dating application, a team of skilled workforce is required. A good developing team can immensely improve the quality of the application and can provide a good quality application in less time.

Here are some of the personnel that you will require to create a dating application.

  1. Project Manager
  2. UI/UX Designer
  3. Quality Assurance Lead
  4. Front-end and Back-end Developers
  5. Android and IOS developers

How to make a dating app successful?

The best way to make your dating app successful is by developing an advanced algorithm that connects the user with the same interests and passions. This optimal matchmaking can hugely increase the chances of your app becoming a big success in the market.

Is it a good idea to invest in dating apps?

Definitely, the future of dating apps is brighter than the sun! If we talk about the stats. The number of online dating users has increased from 28.9 million in 2017 to 49 million in 2021. Moreover, dating apps are also expected to grow to 53.3 million in the year 2024, according to Statista.

Should I go for native or hybrid applications for dating app development?

Opting for hybrid applications for your dating app might be a good choice rather than going with the native application. Hybrid apps provide a bigger audience and potential users for your application as it is compatible with different operating systems.

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