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Case Study DealApp:

Everybody shops online, purchasing goods and daily items through applications have become something of a daily chore for many people. However, what if you can order a regular item and win something extraordinary, like a car or gold!. This is a concept that the Deal app is famous for. Deal application is a one-of-a-kind lottery-based app where the customers can buy the product available in the campaign and get a chance to win something extraordinary. It puts a fun and exciting spin on purchasing the daily products that you need in your daily life.The Deal application offers a unique way to shop online and also offers the chance to win prizes rewards just for purchasing daily items. It has a lot of merits that make the deal app as successful as it is. Read the full case study to find out.

Concept of the application

The Deal app was created as an amalgamation of shopping applications with a lottery-based component to keep the customers engaged. The ideal concept was to provide a platform to easily access goods and products and offer lottery chances to their buyers.

The Deal app focused on elevating the shopping experience of its users by offering extra incentives and rewards. Most of the other applications offer coupon codes and discounts for their users. The Deal app, on the other hand, adopted the lottery approach that wil l give better rewards to its customers.

Client Requirement:

To get the idea and nature of the application, we scheduled various sessions with the client to pick their brain and try to gather the vision and mission that they are trying to achieve with this application. After these sessions, we concluded that customers want a little extra incentive and push to purchase the goods, and providing the option of winning a lottery is a great motivator for the users. The main intention of the client is to provide buyers with an advanced application that challenges the rules set previously and presents a good customer experience with its advanced interface.

Features of the deal application

The deal app is a unique new application that offers more than just purchasing goods. Its USP differentiates it from the other rivals and makes it one of a kind. The Deal app has many other exciting features that make it stand out from the crowd. Some of the features are listed below.


Get ticket with every purchase

The Deal application offers a unique way to allow you the chance of winning something exciting. In the application, you receive a ticket with every purchase of the item present in the campaign section of the app. These tickets are the entry confirmation in the lottery round and can be redeemed at the stage of the lottery.

Win prizes at the end of the campaign

After the campaign ends, the lottery processed is commenced, all of the users that have been allotted a ticket are automatically are the part of the lottery. The winners of the lottery are announced at the specified date and can see their names on the winner’s section of the application

State of the art UI design

Our application goes out of the way to provide a simple yet fun experience of purchasing daily items. We have strived to develop a great interface that keeps the hassle to a minimum and provides a great experience to the users.

How It Works

Step 1:

Firstly, the admin side of the application creates a campaign that contains the list of details of the rewards that the winners will receive at the end. It also includes the details of the campaign like start date, end date, and the date of the winner announcements.

Step 2:

The second step is to implement the products that the users will purchase to enter the lottery. The Deal app offers a selected range of products in each campaign for the customers to choose from. The customers can purchase the desired product from the campaign.

Step 3:

After the purchase of the product from the specified campaign, the customer automatically gets eligible for the lottery round and is issued a ticket for the same.

Step 4:

After the campaign ends, the last step that remains is to select a winner from the numerous ticket holders and post their names on the application. The winners then can claim their prize and receive the rewards.


Input Data

We value the client’s vision

1. Type of application

2. The basic concept of design

3. Essential functions

4. An ETA for the project


Evaluating the data given by the client

1. Extensive research about the app

2. Group meeting to understand requirements and functions


We offer the client these things

1. A document of specification and information

2. Prototype model

3. Wireframes

4. Estimated budget

Development process

1. An initial prototype of the application
The primary objective is to create a workable prototype of the application. It helps in gathering the initial information and data about the app and what kind of tasks we have to perform during the development stage.

2. Curating the application
The second step is to start the development of the application, in the case of Deal, we dedicated a lot of our resources and manpower for the development of Deal. we amalgamated the idea and execution of the application and created Deal.

3. Testing of the application
The last step we did is to test and finalize the application. It is an important part of the development process as it helps in finding out the bugs and errors in code that might crash the application.

Project timeline:

We started the process of creating the DealApp in January 2020. The first step of creating Deal was to conduct various brainstorming sessions to get a rough idea of the app and shortlisting the requirements. It took a total of 20 days to complete this stage.

After that, we jumped on the development phase of the application and completed it splendidly and without any hiccups in just 55 days. The last step was to thoroughly check and test the application for any bugs and errors before delivery. We completed the testing stage in 15 days and delivered a final product to the client in April 2020.

Languages used:

We used various languages to develop the Deal application as it is available on both platforms Android as well as IOS. we used Swift and react native language for the IOS platform and Java for the Android platform. We used the node JS language for the server-side programming and Mongo DB language for databases

Technology Stacks

Mobile Architecture (Android/iOS)





Web Architecture (Backend/Frontend)

Node JS


Mong DB






Adobe XD







Final Thoughts:

The Deal application offers a unique and fun way to purchase goods via the internet while offering the chance to win a big reward for the users. It is an application with an

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Our Client Say

'My experience with Appther Technologies has been nothing but satisfactory. The sheer dedication and professionalism of the organization are unparalleled and the quality of the product delivered was quite impressive. The staff was helpful and supportive in case of any issue or edit that I might have. The organization provides full transparency and commits to deliver the application within the deadline.''.

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