IOT Development Services

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IOT Development Services

What is IOT?

IoT or the “Internet of things” refers to the physical objects or “Things” that are connected with the internet using embedded sensors and wireless technology for instance BlueTooth or WiFi.

IoT can be anything natural or artificial that is connected to the internet. A patient with a heart monitor is an IoT and so is the Air conditioner that can be activated with a mobile device. IoT connects the digital and physical world in such a way that the relationship between the two worlds promises sustainability and development.

How does IoT affect our everyday lives?

The Internet of things has changed the way we do things and how we navigate our day-to-day lives. IoT generates a powerful network that allows several devices to connect and interact with each other without any human intervention.

With this web of networks, IoT has simplified many tasks and helped in providing a better living to individuals. Almost everything now can be converted into an IoT device. From your refrigerator connected to your device to the smart lights that can be controlled via motion, all are an example of IoT technology.

How does IOT work ?

IoT devices are largely dependent upon the microsensors and processors that allow the device to connect with the internet. The IoT infrastructure is an enormous ecosystem of smart devices that use embedded systems and web connectivity to send and receive data.

IoT technology is supported by advanced technologies like machine learning, AI, cloud computing, analytics, etc.


IoT devices operate through connectivity with the internet and other local mediums such as blueTooth.

Sensors & Data: Processing

A majority of IoT devices include sensors to collect data about the environment, process the information, and ultimately act according to the result.

User Interface:

The IoT technology launched a new paradigm among the smart devices for active user interaction and engagement.

How does IoT influence the development of smart homes?

With the ability to transform normal “things” into smart devices, IoT technology has played a crucial role in transforming homes into smart homes. With IoT, better regulation of electrical energy, efficiency, and more ease of living is achievable. With the benefits of machine learning and AI, IoT has emerged the possibility to curate a more personalized and smart living experience.

Development Tools


Arduino is an open-source electronics platform used for the development of IoT applications. Based on easy-to-use hardware and software, Arduino is capable of reading inputs and convert them into output or action.


Flutter is a popular open-source UI development tool developed by Google. Natively used for creating apps for platforms such as Android or IOS, it also has an application for creating IoT softwares.

Eclipse IoT
Eclipse IoT

Eclipse IoT is a community that provides open-source projects. Developers can use eclipse IoT to develop their own IoT solutions. It is a global industrial collaboration of organizations focused on enriching the IoT ecosystem.


AllJoyn is a collaborative open-source software framework that enables your smart device to connect with several other devices more productively.


Kinoma is a full hardware prototyping development suite developed by Marvell. Kinoma is used to develop softwares specifically for the Internet of things (IoT).


Contiki acts as an open-source Os for the internet of things (IoT) softwares. It low powered microcontrollers with each other to send and receive data. Contiki supports standards like RPL, CoAP, and IPv6.

M2 labs mainspring
M2 labs mainspring

M2M labs mainspring is an application framework designed to build machine to machine or “M2M” applications for an IoT ecosystem. It is an open-source framework.

Arduino Yún
Arduino Yún

Arduino Yún is open-source software for electronics platforms. It is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega32u4 and the Atheros AR9331.


Node-RED is a programming platform created for IoT applications. It offers an automatic and straightforward combination between multiple APIs, smart devices, and online services.

1000+ In house modules
1000+ In house modules

Aside from all these development tools and languages, we also have a fleet of more than 1000 in-house modules that we have created with years of work experience.

Our Approch:

At Appther Technologies, we aim and strive to provide app solutions at your fingertips. We focus on making each app capable of delivering exceptional performance, and IoT apps are no different. We efficiently push the product through the entire app development lifecycle and Fastrack the process with our pre-built modules.

In House Pre Built Modules

Curating an IoT application is a lengthy process if not handled properly leading to an extended timeframe. This delay can hinder the organization’s growth as you might lose the competitive edge over your rivals.

To tackle this, we have developed several pre-built modules that contain packets of pre-written code specific to certain features and functions. This drastically reduces the coding time and allows us to deliver the product in a much shorter timeline.


As we stated before, because of our numerous in-house modules, we can compress the development process greatly. Where most of the companies might take more than a year to complete and deliver an application, Appther Technologies on the other hand commits to deliver the application within a 3 to 6 months period.



A B Sugar Limited
A B Sugar Limited

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What is the future of IoT?

The IoT sector is growing, and growing fast! 11.7 billion active IoT connections were recorded in the year 2020 and are predicted to rise to 30.9 billion by 2025. Furthermore, it is also projected that the IoT industry will generate around $1.1 trillion in 2023.

What is the difference between IIoT and IoT?

IIoT or also known as Business IoT refers to large-scale systems that are used at the industrial levels and in masses, smart grids, and fire alarms are some examples of IIoT. IoT, on the other hand, is mostly consumer-oriented, they provide specific functions at a much smaller level than IIoT.

What is an IoT solution?

An IoT solution is a blend of different devices or data sources, equipped with sensors and web-enabled hardware to securely report information back to an IoT platform.

What are the benefits of IoT?

There are many general as well as industry-specific benefits that IoT technology offers to clients and their customers. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Better performance
  2. Monitoring of data
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Cost and time beneficial
  5. Better revenue generation

Our Client Say

Dating application requires integration of lots of different features, which many mobile app development companies are not capable to do efficiently. Appther Technologies however has shown the utmost excellence and professionalism while developing Browsr. They have surely provided a brilliant application within the set timeframe and set budget.

Mohamad Lith Gibhe

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With next-gen technologies, we bring Mobile app development to SMEs, startups, and industry giants with the vision.

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