E-governance development services

We are capable of delivering robust E-governing solutions that tackle a vast pool of users for a seamless governing operation.

E-governance development services


As companies are transforming themselves with digital technologies, people are calling on governments to follow suit. With a sheer rise in information and communication technology within a few years, it has become crucial for governments to resort to also adopt the concept of e-Governance. By automating their operations, governments can offer services that meet the evolving demands of their citizens and businesses organizations.

Traditionally, these services were offered to the citizens in person, by individual departments in various locations via paper forms designed for such services. With digitization, the government can deliver information and services to citizens remotely, on the clock, and through any platform or device.

Appther offers a broad spectrum of e-Governance solutions and services and has deep expertise in delivering solutions that are enriched with the highest standards of usability, flexibility, and scalability.

Examples of government departments that benefit from E-Governance


• Digitization has made applying for a driver’s license easier than ever. Candidates can easily visit the RTO portal and apply for a license immediately.

• Online portals have made it easier to file road taxes and have made the transactions easier and quicker.

• Users can register their vehicles with these online portals and avoid standing in long lines.

• Users can register their vehicle for inspection appointments and have a centralized record on the portal itself.

Election Commission

Election Commission

• Users can avail several features through voting portals such as requests for new ID registration, requests for information edits, complaints about loss of ID, and much more.

• These digital portals provide a centralized and digital database where all the records can be stored. Voters can access these records and see details about their voting involvement throughout the years.

• Digitization also offers a safe and secure platform for complaints and grievances. Users can request any queries or file complaints through these encrypted portals.

Electricity Department

• Digitizing the Electricity department can offer easier and remote methods of bill payment, bill generation, and much more.

• Through online portals, customers can also apply for new connections or post requests for termination of existing connections in just a few minutes.

• These portals are also a great way to notify the authorities about any power outages, fluctuations, or malfunctions in your area. The complaints are immediately directed to the concerned officials and ensure quick actions.

Electricity Department
Water supply departments

Water supply departments

• Automating the water supply operations and positively impact the quality of water supply. It can facilitate better quality monitoring and can track supply effectively.

• By tracking and monitoring the quality of water supply, operators can also maintain a safe and healthy supply of water more efficiently.

• Digitization can simplify the task at hand and the operators can focus more on the supply and maintenance of the water supply system.

Complaint registration mechanism

• Government portals designed for complaints and grievances registration can help to improve the infrastructure of the country as the information is collected from the ground and by citizens.

• Users can easily file their complaints and grievances on the spot with complaint portals.

• The government gets the on-ground reality about situations by directly communicating with citizens.

Transportation department development services

Transportation department

• The transportation and automobile department can offer online booking features for travelers for an easy and seamless experience.

• It provides better traffic management through a unified and interconnected system that processes real-time information.

• Digitization of tax collection methods such as toll tax can allow a better and faster transaction process resulting in time, cost, and work efficiency.

How Appther can help for better governance (E-Governance)


Appther has always been a firm believer in the powers of digital transformation and making life easier via digitizing experiences. We aim to automate day-to-day operations while reassuring the idea of digital India. E-governance services offered by Appther technologies focused on improving processes and public administration services. Our E-Governance services are dedicated to uniting processes, information, people, and technology to achieve good governance.

At Appther, we assist smooth government interactions with citizens (G2C), organizations (G2B), and offer better communication between the government departments and ministries (G2G), thus assuring the quality of services and management of resources within the system.


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What does E-Governance mean?

E-Governance stands for electronic governance, it is a method of connecting citizens to government departments and services through digital means. It is the amalgamation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). E-Governance offers easy and rapid means of communication and provides remote operation of tasks without human intervention.

What are the benefits of E-Governance?

E-Governance is a step forward to optimized governance. It is the next step to providing better, fast, and easy solutions to the needs of citizens. E-Governance comes with a pool of merits that the departments, as well as citizens, can enjoy, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Direct communication between departments and citizens
  • Better reach and communication
  • Eliminates corruption
  • Better transparency

What are the types of E-Governance?

G2G (Government to Government) - G2G governance refers to the communication and transfer of information about one government body to another. G2G can be horizontal, i.e. among various government entities, and vertical, i.e. between national, state, and local government entities.

G2B (Government to Business) - G2G implies the communication and coordination between the government and a business organization. It focuses on providing a better environment for business.

G2C (Government to Citizen) - The interaction between the government and the general public is called G2C interaction. It allows citizens to access a wide array of services offered by the government entity.

G2E (Government to Employees) - This refers to the interaction between the government body and the workforce that the government has employed. It helps in making the interaction between government and employees fast and efficient, along with raising their level of satisfaction by providing perquisites and add-on benefits.

List of countries that have adopted the concept of E-Governance?

Around 173 countries have adopted and implemented E-Governance into their system. Countries such as the Republic of Korea, the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are among the top countries that have adopted E-Governing strategies.

How much time does it take to construct an E-Governance software?

Software and platforms of E-Governance are related to the type of department the software/all is being created for. Different government departments perform different functions and require a different set of features to work smoothly. However, generally, E-Governing softwares can be created and delivered around 5 months to 6 months.

Can E-Governance affect the privacy of citizens?

There is a risk factor of hacking and manipulation in carrying and storing the information digitally. Although, the infrastructure and framework of E-Governance software are marvelously encrypted and protected with several firewalls. Hence, the threat gets to a minimum.

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