HereYet Delivery

Food delivery applications have become an integral part of society. They provide fresh and quick food delivery door to door in no time. You can order your favorite meals from restaurants near you and dine at home without even leaving.

These applications save a huge chunk of money as it eliminates the need of going out to get a meal every time you have a craving. Furthermore, while you might not be able to get a late snack at midnight, food delivery applications help youtube fulfill all your midnight cravings as you can order food from shops that are open 24X7.

Moreover, since the pandemic began, the need for delivery applications has become more essential than ever. Isolation can be pretty hard, but these food delivery applications allow the user to get their favorite restaurant meals without being at the risk of catching the virus.

HereYet is an online food delivery application based in Manitoba, Canada. It is a new and unique food delivery application specially curated to fulfill all your cravings. There are a lot of factors that go into the HereYet application to deliver the exceptional experience it promises.

Concept of HereYet Delivery

The primary concept of HereYet delivery is to create an advanced food delivery application that is based on location-based tracking. The idea was to connect users with nearby restaurants so that they can order their meals from their homes without any hassle.

The purpose behind creating the HereYet application is to provide users with a number of different restaurant options. So that people can select their food options from different places. This will help in eliminating the extra hours wasted on the search for a good restaurant.

Finding a good restaurant can be hard and time-consuming, something which a hungry person might not have. Thankfully, the HereYet food delivery application can help you solve that problem. Another objective of HereYet is to provide full details of the restaurants available on the application. The application includes the feature of ratings and reviews of the restaurants. It allows the user to compare and choose the best option available.

Another objective of the HereYet application is to provide food delivery and food access twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Plus, the mood of users is dynamic and can change from time to time. Hence, the HereYet app focuses on providing a variety of restaurants at any given time to deliver satisfactory options for consumers to choose from at any time.

Client Requirement

For the creation of the HereYet mobile application, we took a brief brainstorming session with the client. These sessions are necessary at the start of any project as they let us get a glimpse of the idea the client has in mind.

The client was looking to create a food delivery application based on location and GPS tracking. Connecting all the nearby restaurants from the user with the help of GPS was the primary requirement by the client.

Furthermore, the client was focusing on a creative yet engaging interface of the mobile application. Curating a simple yet advanced UI design was an essential aspect for the client as it is directly responsible for providing a satisfactory experience to the customers.

What you got with HereYet

As we stated before, HereYet is an advanced food delivery application with many tips and tricks up its sleeves. The application has many features which can make your experience of the app simple and efficient.

Mentioned below are some of the features that HereYet offers to its customers.

Location-based restaurant search

HereYet mobile application works by finding out all the nearby restaurants located within close proximity to the user’s location. This feature is a great way to explore new restaurants located nearby. Furthermore, this method is universally applicable which makes it capable of tackling diverse areas. It also allows the user to get several options of different restaurants nearby and the customer can choose according to his/her preference.

Pick up and delivery options

The application offers multiple-choice to its customers. HereYet food delivery app provides door-to-door delivery of food orders. Customers can order their meals or snacks from various restaurants available on the application and the order will be delivered to the mentioned address in no time. The user can also select the option of pick up where he/she can place their order from the application. The user can pick up their order from the restaurant after the meal is prepared and packed.

Built-in chat and call

How it works |User Interface

The customer end of the application features an interactive interface to make the user experience smooth and streamlined. Moreover, the user-end includes information about the restaurants such as reviews, ratings, menu, and more.

It is also responsible for all the other functions that a customer might need to complete the order like payment, order details, and delivery tracking.

Admin interface

The admin or administrator end of the application is the backend section of the app where all the technical details about the application or order are stored. It contains information related to orders, payment details, and delivery details.

Delivery interface

This end of the application is used by the delivery person. The interface of the delivery end includes all the details that a delivery person requires to deliver orders at their respective addresses.

It also operates and manages the shift timings and shifts availability of a delivery person. The worker can choose its shift timing according to the availability and the time slot assigned to him.

Project Timeline

HereYet project was started in January 2021. Since then, the project has progressed steadily and is keeping up with the deadline. However, the application is still in the development phase and will take some time to launch. Although, the application is scheduled to launch this year.

The result

Food delivery apps have become an essential part of daily life now. These applications help people to adapt to the “new normal”. HereYet food delivery application is the next step forward in the cuisine delivery sector. It has loads of unique features that can make any user’s experience better than ever.

To develop the HereYet food delivery application, we are using several computing languages to develop a smooth and sleek end product. Some of the languages used in the HereYet app are development kit-Xcode, Swift 5 languages, Node js, Swift-ios, and java-android Technologies.