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Browsr is an online dating application used to connect people who are in close range with each other. The mobile application is constructed with state-of-the-art tools and works with an advanced algorithm specifically designed to give the best possible matches to the users.

The Browsr dating app offers tons of features and that makes the application stand out from the crowd. The app is focused on the concept of here and now rather than the connections you have missed out on. This lets the application showcase a more realistic approach as the users can have a quick chat and then meet right after since they are in close proximity.

In this case study, we analyze in brief the app and its functionality. We will study the technologies used in the application, steps taken in the process, and the timeline it took to enter the market. To know about this revolutionary location-based dating application, read the study below.

Thought Behind Browsr:

Check out the simple flow that how our user app is working and what is the main functionality of the user app.

Browsr was created as a location-based application. Unlike the other applications in the market, the Browsr dating app focuses on users who are close to each other and can connect and meet instantly after getting a match.

This is why in Browser we went for the here and now approach instead of the connections you have missed or far away from each other. This makes the matches made through the app better, and more tangible instead of being just a virtual number that the user will eventually forget about.

Another thought that gave birth to this out-of-the-box application is security. Many other dating applications use personal phone numbers in order to connect the users. However, this can lead to several problems like frequent calls or misuse of the contact information.

Furthermore, creating an application with full privacy to the user was also a big factor that leads to the birth of Browsr. Sometimes, the user does not always want to be detected on other user’s devices and would like to go invisible from the radar for some time.

Customer requirement:

During the creation of the Browsr dating application, we conducted an extensive discussion and brainstorming session with the client. After the session, we came to the conclusion that customers do not want to share their cell phone number over an application as it can lead to miss-use of the information.

As a result, the Browsr application does not ask for the contact information of the user. It uses an alternative chat function to connect strangers and after they can share the contact info themselves if they feel comfortable.

Moreover, privacy was also a major objective of the client. Users do not always want to be seen and the client wants to take that desire into consideration and create an invisible feature where the user will not be visible in the application.

The main objective of the client is to provide customers with a new application that defies the rules set previously and provides a good customer experience with its advanced interface. The client was looking for a more realistic approach and wanted to connect users both virtually and physically in real-time.

This method is a game-changer as it uses location and GPS to connect the users with each other instead of contact information. Other users will appear in the “visible connection” section of the application when they will be in close vicinity.

What we developed and what we did:

After careful deliberation and brainstorming sessions with the client, we set out to create this revolutionary application. The application contains several features that not only stand out from the crowd but also make the customer experience better and more satisfactory.

Unique location-based matching

Unlike the other dating and matchmaking apps in the market, the Browsr dating application focuses on location-based matchmaking. The application shows you all the users that are nearby you with the help of advanced GPS technology. It allows the user to connect with an inbuilt chat function. The user can see all the people close to them in the “visible connection” section of the application.

Go incognito

Finding a new partner or a friend can be a tricky business. It requires constant engagement and connecting with different people. Moreover, many people do not appreciate the constant tracking of their location. To tackle this problem, Browsr features a unique invisible feature. In this function, the users have the option to make their profile invisible to the other users if they do not wish to be seen on the application.

See passions for better compatibility

To get the best and most compatible match, Browsr includes a new and exciting feature that enables the user to list out their passions and interests. This feature allows the users to connect with people with similar interests and hobbies and ensures better and long-lasting compatibility with each other.

Project timeline

The process of creating the Browsr dating application commenced in June 2018. We inherited a brief timeline to ensure the functionality of the application.

We channeled the project through various development phases to ensure its completion and timely delivery of the product. We dedicated many weeks to make the interface better and smooth for the user.

At the end of the project development process, we ensured the security of the application in May 2019. Ensuring the security and privacy of Browsr was the last step of the app development lifecycle.

After the final testing and assessment of the application, we launched Browsr in the market in the month of October 2019. The Browsr application is available on the play store as well as the App Store.


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Browsr is a new and rebellious application that defies the conventional methods of matchmaking set by other dating applications. It allows you to connect with people nearby, so you can connect with people in real-time and talk to the person sitting next to you.

We created this app with the best and most advanced tools available. We dedicated several months creating Browsr by using Node js, Swift-ios,java-android Technologies.

The application is well tested and is available in the play store ready to do its magic.

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